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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009 07:52 pm
Title: Invitations
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Steve/Tony -- Moth-verse
Genre: Fluff?
Word Count: 1219
Warnings: Mpreg, given that it's Moth-verse
Summary: Henry Hellrung gets a piece of mail he wasn't exactly expecting.
Beta: [ profile] empty_splendor
Author's note: For [ profile] pandanoai for being absolutely amazing as always. Inspired simply by the fact Henry was present in the latest part of Moth.

Henry Hellrung sat behind his desk in the Demeter - headquarters to The Order - sipping a mug of coffee and reading the various paperwork that had been presented to him this morning. He looked over budgeting information, requests for public appearances, and press coverage of the team. He sighed some, setting the paper down and turning to look out the window. As much as he had protested about moving into the Demeter, he had to admit this view was better than the Bradbury Building, plus they didn't have people breathing down their necks telling them what they could and couldn't do there even though they owned the freaking building. Henry pinched the bridge of his nose - maybe he was still a little bitter about that. He looked out at the Hollywood Hills, just barely able to see the sign. The place felt private, with the overgrown wall and the tall foliage. People around here pay a lot of money for that privacy, and despite being near residential areas, this worked out for them in the long run.

His coffee was gone so he got up and started off towards the kitchen, which was something of a walk in this place. Since the Demeter used to be a hotel, there was enough room for everyone to more or less get their own apartment, but Henry preferred going out to the common rooms, and he got the feeling that everyone else did too. He walked into what used to be the lobby and was now the living room. Becky and James were playing Wii, Maggie was reading a book in the little nook she had set up, cup of tea sitting on a small table, and Milo wasn't in sight. He greeted the team, passing the fountain and headed towards the professional grade kitchen. Tony had bought them an espresso machine as a house warming gift (and the flat screens, and a state of the art Stark brand computer system, and...well, the house), but Henry preferred just plain ol' coffee, some sugar, some milk. He refilled his mug and headed back to the rest of the group.

"Mail for you, Henry," Maggie held up the envelope without looking up from her book.

Henry went over to her and set his mug down next to hers and took it from her. It was small, creamy-white and excessively smooth. He raised an eyebrow, turning it over in his hands to find it sealed with wax.

"Know somebody who's getting married?" she commented, taking up her mug and sipping from it.

"Actually yeah..." Henry mumbled, mind instantly going to Tony, though as far as he knew, the wedding was still a long while off.

He almost didn't want to open it, the whole thing seemed too expensive to tear. He slid a finger under the flap and popped the wax off the paper. He slipped the invitation out - the colors matching and complimenting the envelope. He picked up his mug again as he squinted at the card stock, trying to read the large, cursive letters. Finally, when the lines became letters and words, he choked on his coffee. It took a lot of effort to swallow the liquid and not spit it out across Maggie's paperback. His eyes teared up as he coughed but he could see her looking up at him. He set the glass down and took a moment to recover. He cleared his throat, blinked a few times, and stood up straight to find the rest of the team staring at him now, including Milo who had finally come in from somewhere else in the house.

"I, uh," Henry tired to regain his composure, "I've got to go make a call."

He took his coffee and the invitation back to his office, walking as fast as he could while still keeping some kind of semblance of normalcy. He closed the door behind him and took a breath before looking down at the paper in his hand. It was an a baby shower. He stared at it a long moment, reading it again: Please join us for the baby shower of Tony Stark... and after that his mind sort of shut off. He looked at the RSVP number - it wasn't Tony's, he knew on sight. He walked over to his desk and flopped down in the chair, still staring at the paper, then took his cellphone out of his jacket pocket and dialed the number.

It rang a couple times and then it picked up, "Steve Rogers."

"Uh," Henry cleared his throat, not having expected Captain America to answer the phone. "Hey, Steve. It's Henry Hellrung."

"Hey, Henry, what can I do for you?"

"I, uh, I got the invitation."

"Invi--She sent out invitations?" Steve voice went flat.

"Um, yes?" Henry didn't know who she was.

Steve sighed, "I thought she was just going to call people..."

"Uh, well, about the...the invitation," Henry cleared his throat some, still having a tickle from the coughing fit earlier.

"Oh. Right. Tony...Tony's pregnant."


"...He's what now?"

"Pregnant," Steve repeated, sounding completely serious. "There...You know the Extremis? The enhancile he has?"


"It has to do with that. And...this time he turned into a woman for a day."

Henry sat there a moment, mouth open, hoping that he would find his voice, but found himself lacking. He pulled the phone away from his ear and looked like it as if it had mutated into something horrible. He put it back to his ear.

"You're serious?"


Henry rubbed his eyes, letting out a deep breath. He was starting to think maybe he wasn't cut out for this superhero thing. He had just gotten used to the idea of Becky and Milo...fusing every time they went out on a mission and that fusing being the equivalent of having sex, constantly. Now one of his best, male friends was pregnant?

"Tell me this isn't...normal for superhumans," was what finally came out of his mouth.

Steve chuckled on the other end, "Well...not...exactly normal though, but a regular enough thing that there were brochures."

Henry couldn't help but laugh, maybe a little hysterically, "Oh lord..." he sighed. "Is, um, who's the father?"

"I am," Steve sounded both proud and bashful, if that was at all possible.

"Congratulations," Henry said with a smile. He could try to wrap his head around it all later, "To both of you."

"Thanks," it sounded like he was smiling on the other end. "So, Tony doesn't know about the party, or that anyone else knows."

"Right, of course," Henry said with a nod, knowing that was Steve's way of telling him to keep quiet. "Not a peep."

"Thank you.'re coming, right?"

"Of course! This is a once in a life time thing, on a variety of levels."

Steve chuckled, "Yes, yes it is. He'll be glad to have you, both of us will."

Henry and Steve said their partings and hung up. Henry set the phone down on his desk and looked at it for a moment, before rest his head on the desk as well, excessively grateful there was only one person in the world with the Extremis. Now he had to figure out what to get him as a gift.
Thursday, August 27th, 2009 12:44 am (UTC)
This is what happens when you hang out with superheroes. It really can't be avoided.

Well done. I enjoyed this.
Sunday, August 30th, 2009 11:59 pm (UTC)
"I am," Steve sounded both proud and bashful, if that was at all possible.

Awww, I think that was my favorite line. It just *feels* so right for Steve.