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Thursday, October 8th, 2009 02:36 pm
Title: Ozone
Author: [personal profile] therobotmuse
Fandom: Marvel
Characters: Iron Man, Thor, Spider-Man, assorted others
Pairing: None
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Flash of lightening @ [ profile] story_lottery
Summary: Tony's thought process before the Big Fight at Central Park
Spoilers: Spoilers for Secret Invasion #1-6 or 7
Warning(s): None come to mind, but please tell me if there's one needed
Word Count: 1010
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and make no profit from them
A/N: This was the only prompt of the table that I knew exactly what I was going to do with when I got it. Thanks to my beta [ profile] heworedecadence

"I brought her in. This Jessica."

"Still not your fault."

"It is, Janet. Entirely."

"Nothing you could have done."

It was taking all of Tony's concentration not to get sick again. Everything was aching - his body, his mind, his heart. The words that Jessica -- No, not Jessica, the Skrull, Skrull Queen - The words that the Skrull Queen had told him still echoing in his head - Tony Stark, your real name is Kl'Riki Dulu...You are the greatest warrior in the Empire. Reed...Reed had proven they were lies but--


He could feel the rumble in his chest, shaking the loosened, broken armor parts hanging off his body. The flash of light stung his eyes, but going beyond that, like someone was stabbing in the temple. He looked away from the large window at the front of the stolen ship, not because of the light, but because of the scene that lay out before them. New York City, burning, under the shadow of the Skrull armada. He felt like throwing up again.


"Is that...?"

"Aye! It's him."

Tony knew that already. Thor always knew how to make an entrance. The air around the god was always different, literally carried a charge, the scent of ionization following him. Maybe it had just been Tony's imagination. It had been so long since he had seen Thor, maybe he was just mixing the man with his mythology, his own mythology Tony had made about him.


The rumbling was soothing in a way, like Tony knew now that they were going to win, that he could relax. Part of him just wanted to sleep, die, frankly, the fact that he had let this all happen coming down on him with every passing minute. He could already see the fallout forming in his mind's eye - cities around the world ruined, tens of thousands dead or missing, infrastructures completely destroyed, riots and looting, more death...and that was if they won.

Tony may not be a Skrull, but he was the greatest warrior in the Empire. He had seen the signs, knew something was happening but failed to act. Every death that happened this day and the days to come were on his hands.

He was only partly aware that the ship had landed. The door opened and the gathered Avengers rushed out. Tony could barely walk, instead hovering just a bit to keep himself upright. Just outside the craft, the God of Thunder towered over Ste--Tony shook his head, squeezing his eyes shut; he was still running a high fever, he could still feel the virus working, trying to kill him -- towering over James, apparently having some sort of stare down. It occurred to him then that the two had most likely never met until that moment, that Thor was judging James. Everyone knew it wasn't Steve under that cowl. James had a lot to live up to, especially today.

"What are you doing, Thor?"

"Summoning the battle that must be fought."

He raised the Mjollnir high above his head, the hammer starting to glow and that scent of ozone becoming stronger.


The thunder always came slightly before the flash when Thor was the one calling it, Tony had noticed. It lit up Central Park, the brightness of it darkening the sky by comparison and shook the ground. Tony flinched, the noise ringing in his ears even after it had stopped. He squeezed his eyes shut again -- this was it, he knew it. The world depended on what was going to happen here in the next few hours -- minutes even.

"Yeah, uh, I--I think they got the message."

Tony opened his eyes again at Peter's words. There they were, the Skrulls posing as Jessica and Hank, along with their entire army, waiting, prepared. Reed was talking, then the Skrull Queen. Tony wasn't really paying attention. He was taking in the sight. There were tens of thousands of them, all with the stolen powers of the heroes they were fighting. The entire planet didn't have enough heroes to even match half of the army, and that was just in the park, who knows how many other troops were around the world -- and off planet.

The Thunderbolts arrived, then...then a group of supervillains? Everyone was coming out of the woodworks it seemed. It still wasn't enough, but it was better than it was before.

He swallowed hard, cleared his throat, and turned to address the Skrull in Jessica Drew's skin.

"Leave now! Last warning." They were empty words, he had a feeling that everyone knew it. Maybe he was that desperate, that he was that far gone that he would think that maybe, if he asked nicely, they would all pack up and go home.

She said nothing. Not to him anyway. Maybe she didn't think he was worth her time, already considered him dead. Maybe he was. He felt like it. He knew he couldn't fight, not like this, not when he could barely control his legs, much less his armor.

But he had to. There was no question. He'd only be letting everyone down - more than he already had. He replaced the parts of his armor he had removed in the futile attempted to repair his systems. None of this was going to work, he might as well be fighting with his Mark I -- actually the Mark I might be more efficient right now.

He looked towards the group of gathered heroes behind him, then directed his attention back to the Skrull Queen.

"...He loves you."

"Uh..." Peter looked uncomfortable standing next to Bullseye and the Wrecking Crew. "He who?"


Tony thought he heard Fury snort, "Yeah? Well my god has a hammer."

"Right..." Tony took a breath, trying to steady himself, trying to work up the energy for what he was about to do. This was it. He pulled down his visor.