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Saturday, September 26th, 2009 01:32 pm
Title: Differences
Author: [personal profile] therobotmuse
Fandom: Marvel
Characters: Original kid characters, Ben and Steve Parker
Pairing: implied Peter/OFC
Genre: Fluffy angst?
Rating: PG
Prompt: A soap bubble @ [ profile] story_lottery
Summary: Ben and Steve are twins, but things are changing
Spoilers: None
Warning(s): Kid fic, whiney teenagers
Word Count: 1,040
Disclaimer: Spider-Man and the Avengers belong to Marvel, Ben and Steve Parker belong to [personal profile] therobotmuse and [ profile] empty_splendor
A/N: I love these kids. They're a guilty pleasure. Thanks to [ profile] empty_splendor for the beta as always

Ben Parker entered the room that he shared with his twin brother, needing to get a test for his parents to sign. It was hard to tell where Steve's side ended and his own side began. They had always had similar tastes - music, movies, video games - and the posters and various other decorations created a homogeneous blend across a background of blue paint and a wallpaper boarder of the Avengers that had been up since they were kids. Really, if it wasn't for the two beds, there was no way to tell that more than one person lived here.

They had shared everything, it wasn't even an exaggeration. Even after they had stopped trying to trick their parents, they still shared clothes. They shared notes and textbooks and on rare occasions homework. They shared thoughts when they couldn't sleep, even seemed to share a mind at times. They kept nothing from each other.

But things were changing. Well, not exactly things so much things as Steve. Steve was changing and Ben was staying the same.

"Hey, um, Ben?" his brother called from the bathroom.

Ben sighed and ran a hand through his dark brown, almost black hair, "Yeah?"

"Can you,"

Ben raised an eyebrow and stood there a moment, then walked towards the bathroom.

Steve was standing by the sink, towel wrapped around his waist, obviously having just gotten out of his shower...and with the shampoo bottle was still in his hand. Or rather, stuck to his hand.

"I, um," he looked sheepishly at Ben. "I can't get it off. And I don't want to get the other one stuck too."

Ben stared at the bottle. A slowly creeping sickness started to invade his stomach. It was getting stronger.

He didn't remember exactly when his parents had told them that their father was Spider-Man. He had just always known, like he knew the sky was blue. He always thought that maybe his parents were scared that they might have powers, that they might eventually develop them. He remembered them watching the two of them closely when they played, as if expecting something to happen. He remembered having dreams, nightmares really, about turning into a giant spider or growing extra limbs, or waking up in some kind of web cocoon. He got the impression that Steve had similar fears. It was a week before their fifteenth birthday that it actually happened.

It didn't come all at once, but slowly. It started with the...the spider-sense, his father called it. He had wanted to play a prank on Steve - it involved tossing a NERF ball at him when he walked into the room as retaliation for something he had done earlier. The toss was perfect, the aim was good, it was going to land except that...Steve dodged it. Somehow. He had looked just as stunned as Ben felt.

"How'd you do that?" Ben had asked.

Steve shook his head, "I dunno! I just...I felt something and I knew to duck."

And then it moved to what their dad called 'sticky fingers.' He said they'd be able to control it, but it would take a while. Steve obviously was still learning. Ben didn't have to worry though, he thought as he grabbed the bottle of shampoo and started yanking on it, because he didn't seem to have any powers. Or at least not as strong as his brothers. He had a weak sense, maybe, and his grip seemed just a bit...stronger, he supposed, but he didn't need Steve to rip things off his hand.

The bottle came off with a sound like peeling duct tape from a wall, making the both of them stumble back some as a puff of bubbles came out of the opened lip. Ben closed the bottle and tossed it back towards the shower, the plastic bouncing and thudding in the tub. He turned to leave the bathroom without another word.

"Thanks," Steve called after him. Ben didn't answer.

They were identical twins. He didn't understand. His brother was his best friend, had been literally since they were born. Why would Steve get powers but not him? It didn't make sense. It wasn't...

It wasn't fair.

Ben sat down on the edge of his bed, looking out the window at the New York skyline towering above the small houses of Forest Hill, letting out a deep breath. It was childish to be so flat out jealous of his brother. He had never been jealous of Steve before, not of his toys, not of his good grades, mainly because he knew that he would share them with him, or tutor him for the test. But this was something Steve couldn't share, couldn't let him try for a few minutes. God, it was so stupid...

The mattress bobbed and Steve was stilling beside him, dresses now, shaggy hair combed out.

"I'm sorry," Steve said quietly, honestly. Ben didn't have to look at him to know he meant the words, truly. Ben knew that his brother was hurting every bit as much as he was, he knew that Steve hated keeping things from him.

Ben shook his head and shrugged. "It's whatever," he mumbled.

Steve didn't say anything. He probably didn't know what to say, or maybe felt that his silence said something for him. Ben stood, having completely forgotten why he had even come into their room in the first place.

"Ben, wait--"

Ben saw his brother reach for him out of the corner of this eye, then felt something hit is shoulder. He looked down, the white goo standing out against his black shirt. He stared at it a moment, then looked to his brother.

"Did you just web me?"

"I..." Steve looked startled, wide-eyed, "Didn't mean to."

Ben let out a frustrated - and slightly disgusted - sigh and wiped the web off, continuing to walk out of the room. It wasn't so much that he wanted the powers - power and responsibility, their father would always tell them, and he could honestly say that he wasn't sure he could handle those responsibilities. It was the fact that he would never know, he would never get the chance to know or the chance to decide.


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