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[fic, Marvel] Lethewards Chapter 3 part II

Title: Lethewards: Chapter Three: Wayfaring Stranger part II
Rating: R
Fandom: Marvel - 616
Pairings: Primarily pre-slash Steve/Tony, but with several platonic relationships, as well as references to past relationships and a few minor relationships
Part word count: 1221
Genre: Drama, angst, hurt/comfort, character study
Warnings: These are warnings just this part, seeing as they may change from part to part. Please see this post for overall fic warnings Depiction and talk of mental illness, implied hallucinated non-con
Disclaimer: I own none of these characters and make no profit from them
Part Summary: Tony recounts the beginnings of his downward spiral
Thanks: My beta [personal profile] autolobotomysuicide and being absolutely fantastic. [personal profile] jazzypom and [ profile] pandanoai for their adivce and beta work, as well as cheer leading. And last but not least, [ profile] oddwildflowers for being an amazing cheerleader.
Author's note: Please, please, please see this post for a list of overall fic warnings and for background information/changes from canon.
As always, thank you for all the kind comments. New parts Sunday and Tuesday.
Sorry this part is so short, but there was a warning on this one that I didn't want to carry over to the whole chunk. Tuesday's part is long, I promise.
Previous Parts: Prologue Chapter One Chapter Two part I part II Chapter Three part I

SAMSON: When was it that these people started to become violent?

STARK: After the seizure

SAMSON: Seizure?

STARK: Ah, yeah, I wasn't checked into the hospital, so it stayed out of the papers. Small miracles.

SAMSON: Who were you treated by?

Tony woke with Reed Richards hovering over him, looking at some kind of machine that seemed to be wired to Tony in some way. Tony's brain wasn't exactly working right those first few moments of consciousness and he looked around the room, confused.

"Tony?" Reed noticed he was awake.

"What happened?" Tony swallowed, mouth dry.

"You had a seizure during our meeting," Reed was trying to sound concerned, Tony could tell, but he was preoccupied with the medical devices.

"Sorry," Tony tried to make it sound like a joke.

"I ran some tests," Reed didn't seemed to have heard him, "There doesn't seem to be anything particularly wrong. Have you been feeling sick? Pepper said you've been having migraines lately."

"Yeah. Migraines, nosebleeds, nausea..."

Reed stopped what he was doing and finally looked at Tony, "Problems with vision and hearing?"

Tony thought for a moment. Did seeing your dead loved ones count as problems with vision and hearing?


Reed's face was serious, "You know what this sounds like, Tony." It wasn't a question.

"Brain tumor," Tony answered, "but you just said all the tests were clear."

"I'll run them again," Reed returned to his work, "Better safe than sorry."

"Yeah..." Tony let out a sigh. He never thought he'd be relieved at the possibility he might actually have brain cancer. At least then he'd have an answer.

But again the tests turned up nothing. Reed said he would continue looking into it, and Tony left the Baxter Building the next day. Reed offered him H.E.R.B.I.E. to take home since he was living alone now and Pepper was away on business. Tony declined.

He returned to Stark House feeling tired and disappointed, but he didn't feel like going to sleep at five in the evening.

"Sydney online," he commanded as he entered the work area.

"Online, sir," the AI responded, monitor flicking on.

Tony had gotten it to respond to a few basic voice commands at this point, but it was no where near the complexity needed to run the house.

"Run self-diagnostic."

"Yes, sir."

Code began to scroll across the monitor. Tony watched it for a moment, catching snippets of familiar sections and loops here and there. It was mesmerizing to an extent and that was the reason why Tony was so completely startled when the voice came from behind him.

"Happy with yourself, Stark?"

Tony jumped from his chair, doing some kind of turn in midair.

"Carol?" he blinked. The blond-haired woman was standing by the entrance to the lab, "H-How--? What are you doing here?"

"Are you happy, Stark?" she repeated, walking towards him, "You get to sit here in your big, gated house, looking out at all the little people. Send all of us out to do the grunt work."

"What? Carol, I don't--"

She pinned him against the wall, "You let him take me!"


"You let him take me! You let him rape me!"

Tony's eyes went wide, "Carol, I-- We didn't know--"

"Bullshit!" she punctuated her yell with a punch to his stomach, "You could have stopped him! You could have helped me! It was your fault!"

"Diagnostic complete, sir," the AI's computerized voice rang out and then it was silent.

She was gone. Tony crumpled to the floor, resting his forehead on the cool cement, hoping to God he had a brain tumor.


Tony had managed to ignore him for a good half hour now. He had been circling around his work station in the lab, inspecting some things, scoffing others.

"So," Tyberius started finally, "how long are you planning on pretending I'm not here?"

"You're not here."

"Well, yes, I suppose," Tyberius rolled his eyes.

"There's nothing to 'suppose.' You're not real."

"I'm real enough," he grinned.

The blond-haired man walked over to Tony. He placed smooth hands on Tony's shoulders. They rested there for a moment, but began moving, closing in on Tony's neck until thin fingers wrapped around his throat.

"I wonder if I could kill you," he said as if he were commenting on the weather.

"Wouldn't work," Tony answered, still looking at the computer monitor in front of him, "I'd pass out before you killed me. Since you're not real, the effect would stop once I lost consciousness.

"Theoretically," Tony could hear the grin in Tiberius' voice, "want to test it?"

"Not particularly."

"Then you want to test something else?"

The hands around Tony's neck began to move again, this time down his chest. Tiberius bent over him and Tony could feel his weight on his shoulders, feel his breath on his neck.

"Now, see, I thought you were supposed to be realistic," Tony knew the language of seduction all too well, "Ty and I never had that kind of relationship."

Tiberius chuckled in his ear, "Ah, yes, that's right. By that point you had learned to look, not touch. But that doesn't mean you didn't think about it every time you saw me. Doesn't mean I didn't know what was going on in that head of yours, and it especially doesn't mean I didn't use that to my advantage."

The program Tony had been concentrating on suddenly went from something comprehendable to just being letters and numbers. In the years since Tiberius had betrayed him, since Tony knew it was all some game, that thought had crossed his mind more than once. Tony always thought he'd been careful, but the idea that Tiberius might have known his feelings towards him and used that knowledge in his game -- the thought had kept him up on more than one occasion. He of course knew this whole hallucination was his own thoughts projected back at him, but hearing it in Ty's voice took it to a new level.

"Aw, come now, Tony," Tiberius cooed, "Don't let it get you down. Besides, you can have your fun now."

Tony stood up without a word. He had to get out. Go for a drive. He thought better of it -- bad idea to operate a motor vehicle while a hallucination was trying to have sex with him. A walk then.

Tiberius stopped him before he could get very far. He caught Tony by the wrist, gripping firm and likely to bruise if it had been real. It held Tony fast, seeming to paralyze the rest of his body.

"It won't hurt," Tiberius grinned, a mocking tone in his voice, "Unless you want it to."

Tony tried to shake him off, but Ty threw himself at him, catching him in a kiss, deep and invasive. Tony pushed at him, trying desperately to get free, but Tiberius held him tight, one hand around his waist, the other on the back of his neck.

He pushed Tony back until they slammed into the wall. It was then he broke the kiss.

"Stop!" Tony gasped, clawing at him, "Stop it! I'm not doing this! I'm not having sex with a hallucination!"

"Then close your eyes and pretend I'm someone else," Tiberius voice was low and laced with venom, "Because this is happening, Tony."